Document Management

If your business has yet to implement a document management system, you may be falling behind. Every day, the world is becoming more digital, and your business needs to follow suit. Paper documents might be what you’re used to, but managing, locating, editing, and replacing paper files is much more cumbersome than a digital alternative. With document management, you’ll be able to electronically store, access, secure, and share any files instantly. Whether you’re on a desktop or a mobile device, document management makes it easy to locate and use any of your business files. Moreover, user permissions allow you to control who has access to confidential files and provide an audit trail for regulatory compliance purposes. Contact us to learn more about our document management services.

Benefits of Document Management:

  • Easy access to files
  • Limit access to specific, confidential files
  • Indexing to improve all search capabilities
  • Automate processes and track document workflows
  • Reduce overall document costs
  • Easily integrate with existing or new IT systems

The R3 Business Solutions Difference

At R3 Business Solutions, our experienced team of professionals will analyze your current document processes. We’ll use our analysis to create a plan and make recommendations on ways you can improve them, including digitizing hardcopy documents where necessary. Our goal is to implement solutions that won’t disrupt any current day-to-day operations. We’ll also take great care to ensure that your critical documents are secure.

We’ll work with you directly to maximize productivity and reduce costs. With our document management system, your staff can spend more time on growing the business, rather than fumbling with—and relying on—paper documents

What’s Included with Document Management?

  • FREE document management assessment for your business
  • Indexing and storage of files
  • Staff training
  • Ongoing support as your business grows
  • Scanning and conversion of existing files



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